What is Water Balancing?

Why is water balancing important in your pool and hot tub? 

If you've been struggling with maintaining your water balancing, we can help. A pool or hot tub is an investment that you purchased for fun and relaxation - not stress and frustration! While a pool or hot tub is easy to maintain, there are some important steps that need to be followed for optimal benefits and enjoyment.


One of the most important steps towards pool and hot tub enjoyment is balancing your water. Water balance refers to the levels of alkalinity, pH and calcium in your water. Alkalinity and pH deal with the acidity of the water and has a direct effect on chlorine levels and demand. Calcium affects water clarity, as well as stain and scale build up on equipment.

pool test strip balancing

Think of your car or truck. You might use better quality oil to protect your engine. You might undercoat your vehicle to prevent rust from destroying it. The better you care for you vehicle the longer it will last and the more money you will save over time. The same can be said about caring for your pool and hot tub.

maintain your pool or hot tub with balanced water

When you balance your water, it will be easier to maintain. Also, heaters, pumps and other parts will not rust or corrode. Plastic and rubber components will not get brittle and crack or stretch as easily. Unbalanced water can also cause scale build up on parts and staining on interior surfaces. All of these undesirable results can end up costing you more money and can easily be avoided with proper water balancing.


Let's not forget about the benefits of balanced pool and tub water on your health! Unbalanced water can cause problems such as dry or irritated skin, dry hair and sore or itchy eyes. Again, by simply keeping your water balanced, you can avoid this. Sanitizing and balancing your water will help ensure your water will not harm your tub, your pool or your family and friends.


Using test strips or a test kit is an easy way to check your waters balance. Of course, stop by and see us any time at Mario's Pool and Spa for our free professional water testing service. Simply bring us a water sample (300- 500 mls). It only takes a few minutes! We can answer any questions you may have about your water and get you enjoying your pool or hot tub!!


Happy Swimming!!


Did you know?

You can complete your water balancing using your test strip from home using the Aqua Chek Application:

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