Salt Water vs Chlorine Pools

Salt Water vs Chlorine Pools

So you want to buy a pool? One thing to consider is if you want a steel or resin pool. Often you will be asked if you want a "salt water or chlorine pool". It is important that you know the difference.

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A steel or "chlorine only" pool has a steel wall with metal components. Some of these components include the top and bottom tracks that maintain the pool's shape. One important thing to know about a steel/chlorine pool is that you can NOT add a salt machine to the pool. Salt can cause rust or corrosion to the metal components that will lead to the eventual collapse of the pool. The wall itself is protected by the pool liner. As long as the liner is intact you will not have corrosion on the wall, while still benefiting from the strength of the steel.


Maintenance for a steel/chlorine pool requires a weekly, consistent routine. You will also need to be aware of anything that could require additional attention. For example, if it rains a few days before your regularly scheduled maintenance day, you will need to check your pool to be sure that the chlorine and ph levels are sufficient. Failure to do this could result in algae growth which usually requires purchasing chemicals to correct the water.


A resin or "salt compatible" pool has a steel wall with durable, high strength, non corrosive, resin components. You can run the pool with or without a salt system added. The benefits of adding a salt system are worth considering. They include less weekly maintenance, water that's gentler on hair, skin and bathing suits, minimal chlorine smell and less money spent on chemicals to keep you water crystal clear.


One misconception is that swimming in a salt pool is like swimming in the ocean. Don't worry - it"s NOT!!! The ocean has a salt concentration of approximately 35,000 parts per million. A well maintained salt water pool runs around 3,000 ppm. ( Fun Facts: the human taste buds have a salt threshold of 3,500 ppm. Human tears have salt concentration of 9,000 ppm!)


Also worth noting, salt on its own can NOT sanitize your pool. The salt cell is the heart of the system. It takes the salt from the water and converts it to a natural chlorine to keep your pool clean, safe and sparkling. while maintaining the natural softness of lightly salted water.


At Mario's Pool and Spa, we have several pool options to chose from. Call - or better yet - visit us at the store and we can help you decide which pool will best suit your family's lifestyle.


Happy Swimming!!!

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