Latham Rockwood On-ground Pool

Size: 18' Round (Available Spring 2021)


The Semi In-Ground / On-Ground system is an excellent solution for the home owner who wishes to have the quality of an In-ground swimming pool system without the extensive high cost construction burden.

The Semi_In-Ground / On-Ground system is a perfect solution to sloped backyards. The Semi_In-Ground / On-Ground system is versatile enough to be buried from half-way, to all the way into the ground.

Built-to-last, the Semi_In-Ground / On-Ground system is constructed using thick Gauge, commercial quality (ASTM A526) continuous hot dipped Z700 galvanized steel, the best in the industry.

Galvanize is the term used for the application of Zinc to carbon steel.

Galvanizing is an effective corrosion protective method for two main technical reasons:

  • It provides a protective barrier against water and oxygen the same way paint does but is much more durable.
  • Zinc has a higher electric potential than carbon steel and therefore works as a ‘sacrificial anode’, also known as cathodic protection.
  • Because the Semi_In-Ground / On-Ground system is constructed using this superior material, you can rest assured that the Semi_In-Ground / On-Ground system is the most durable panel on the market today.

Easier installation (do-it-yourself!)

When using this complete steel pool kit, the pool can take as much as 75% less time to install as compared to other pool construction technologies.


With a variety of sizes, you are sure to find a the Semi_In-Ground / On-Ground system uniquely special for your backyard

What's Included

  • Geotextile Carpet (available on round pools only)
  • Hayward® Sand Filter
  • Upgraded glass filter media for the sand filter
  • Hayward® Ultra-Pro pool pump
  • Wide mouth skimmer
  • Triangle vacuum head
  • 10” Thermometer
  • Aqua Chek® Test Strips
  • Triple accessory support rack
  • Leaf Skimmer net
  • Telescopic Pole
  • Vacuum hose
  • Solar Blanket - Upgraded to 5-year warranty (Clear 11Mil)
  • Coves (gives the corners of the liner a nice curved shape)
  • Quick Disconnect fittings
  • Hose clamps
  • Teflon tape
  • Tiger Flex® Pressure Hose (15’)
  • Ball valve for front of your pool pump
  • Your Choice of either a Walk in Step or Deck Ladder



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