Salt water opening

Salt Water Pool Opening

  1. Hook up all plumbing, fill the pool above the skimmer.
  2. Perform a Backwash and a Rinse on the sand filter.
  3. If you have Green Water, Please follow GREEN KIT INSTRUCTIONS before proceeding to the next step
  4. Clean your Sand with your Sand Filter Cleaner (follow instructions below)
  5. If you have any well water or Town of Oromocto water already in the pool, or will be adding any over the course of the season you will also require a full bottle of Dazzle Stain and Scale Treatment (pour directly into the pool)
  6. Wait 12 hours for the Stain and Scale to coat the minerals present in the water, then you can proceed to the next step.
  7. Add your Salt One Bucket and Stabilizer to the pool water. Broadcast across the pool and stir with your wall brush. *Granular stabilizer can take up to 7 days to fully dissolve depending on water temperature. 
  8. Add your required bags of salt 4-6 hours after adding your salt one and stabilizer.  Once the salt has been fully dissolved your salt machine can be switched to auto and set the dial to 90% chlorine output. 

    Remember to turn your % dial down as the chlorine gets higher on the test strip. Initially, you will need to use your test strip daily to determine if the chlorine output (%) needs to go higher or lower. The % is the amount of chlorine you want to produce per hour.
  9. Allow pump to run for 2-3 days then bring in a water sample for us to balance your PH, ALKALINITY & CALCIUM levels. Continue to check your chlorine levels with your test strip until they stabilize. Then test weekly and adjust your salt machine's chlorine output dial as required. 
  10. Ensure you have your SALT SHOCK and SALT REVISE pouches for your monthly maintenance. These are added at one month intervals after opening the pool. 

Ideal Readings & How to Adjust Them

ideal readings for a salt water pool and how to adjust them

How to Clean a Pool Sand Filter

  • Quickly pour the orange cleaner into the skimmer while the pump is running

  • The orange cleaner will go from the skimmer to the pump very quickly

  • When you do NOT see the orange cleaner through the lid of the pool pump TURN OFF PUMP IMMEDIATELY

  • Leave pump off for the evening (or 6-8 hours)

  • In the morning set your sand filter to BACKWASH

  • Run pump until you see the glass on the side of the sand filter run clean and clear

  • Turn pump off

  • Set sand filter to RINSE

  • Turn Pump on

  • Run pump and watch the glass on the side of the sand filter till clean and clear

  • Turn Pump off

  • Set Sand filter to Filtration

  • Turn Pump back on

Salt Machine Trouble Shooting

If your check cell light comes on it can be one of 3 things:

  1. Your salt in the pool is too low
  2. Your salt cell is scaled from high PH /Alkalinity in the water
  3. Your salt cell is scaled from Low Calcium in the water

If you ever add salt to the water and your number DROPS instead of increases your salt cell is clogged and needs to be cleaned with the Salt Cell Saver.

If you decide to put your pump on a timer your Salt Machine needs to be on a timer also VERY IMPORTANT…The pump being off DOES NOT shut down the salt machine.

If at any time you are in doubt, please bring in a water sample so we can help you!

At the end of the year it is important to follow the closing instructions and put in a Closing Kit for Salt Water Pools. You should also clean your salt cell with the Salt Cell Saver before putting it away for the winter.

*** Please leave the door of the salt machine CLOSED when not in use, to avoid water getting onto your circuit board ***

Tips on Caring for your Pool

Solar Blanket warranty is only on the seams of the blanket. Any bubbles coming off or deflating of the bubbles is not covered under warranty. 

Proper water chemistry is very important to prevent this from happening. The solar blankets should be removed on nice days and only put on at night to help hold your heat.

For your pool protection, verify that your skimmer and return are re-assembled without any leaks or drips. Leakage will prematurely corrode your metal wall and will not be covered under the manufacturer's warranty.

Proper water chemistry is very important to prevent your liner from fading and your pump from corroding.  Feel free to stop in with a water sample at any time to ensure you are maintaining the proper levels. 

If you have a Turtle pool cleaner: Remember to leave him off the return for ½ hour after you do a backwash and a rinse. Never leave him attached during a backwash and rinse as tiny grains of sand can flow through to your turtle parts and cause him to not work.

We recommend a complete sand change every 3-4 years. On the years you are not changing the sand it is recommended to use the Pool Sand Filter Cleaner to eliminate all the grime from the previous year. Changing the sand regularly will help prevent damage inside of the sand filter.