Zodiac MX6 Automatic Above/In-Ground Pool Cleaner

Save $116

$479 $595


Will fit up to 24' Pool with included hose. 

27 Foot needs 1 Extension Hose

Please call for oval pool considerations.


Zodiac MX6 is compact in size, yet demonstrates a powerful clean. The MX6 is a highly efficient suction cleaner that displays great manoeuvrability and provides thorough pool coverage.

The Zodiac MX6 features:

Cyclonic Vacuum Technology

Cyclonic Vacuum Technology ensures the MX6 captures smaller debris while maintaining maximum cleaning power.

X-Drive Navigation

X-Drive Technology provides great navigation for wall and floor cleaning resulting in thorough pool coverage.

Flex Power Turbine

Ultra-efficient power source provides maximum torque while operating, not burdening the pool system.


The MX6 is light weight and has easy to access inner components. Equipped with carry handle.

Flow Regulator Valve

The new Flow Regulator Valve (FRV) assists the MX6 in running at optimal performance, the FRV will bypass excess water in high flow conditions.

Warranty Coverage: Zodiac Automatic Pool Cleaners come with a 2 Year Limited Manufacturer's Warranty. The manufacturer of this cleaner warrants this cleaner against defects on workmanship and materials. This warranty will be void if the equipment used to operate this cleaner is not compatible, or due to improper installation or use. This warranty does not cover any labour charges, the cost of lost water or chemicals, or any other damages that may occur.

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