Winter Mesh Covers

Title: 15ft Round


This mesh winter pool cover for above ground pools is designed to allow rain water through while keeping large debris from entering your pool water. When it comes time for the snow to start falling (and the arrival of freezing temperatures), simply remove the cover and your water will be free of larger contaminants. You may recover the pool with the winter cover in the spring after the snow has fallen. Please note you do not want to leave the cover on all winter as it will put an enormous amount of pressure on the walls and uprights. It's purpose is to keep larger contaminants out of your pool for a hassle free opening. 

  • No more swampy water pooling on your winter cover and making an unsightly smelly mess!
  • Our mesh winter cover features a super-strong fine weave fabric which lets rain pass through, while keeping leaves and larger debris from contaminating your pool water.
  • Spring clean-up is a snap: Just remove pool cover, shock the water, and vacuum fine dirt from the swimming pool floor!
  • Put an end to the hassle of pumping off that contaminated puddle of water from your winter cover.
  • No more accidental spills of dirty water into your pool during cover removal!

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