Variable Speed Heat Pump 95,000 BTU


This heat pump leverages variable-speed technology to maximize energy and cost savings while minimizing operational noise. As the first AHRI-certified inverter-driven variable-speed heat pump in North America, it features a vertical discharge fan that allows for easy installation in any in-ground pool pad. With efficient operation in even the coldest ambient temperatures, it’s the smartest way for any pool owner to get more out of their investment.

Features & Benefits

  • Inverter-driven variable-speed technology features best-in-class part-load COP and incredibly quiet operation
  • Vertical discharge fan allows for versatile installation in any in-ground pool pad
  • Titanium heat exchanger operates powerfully and efficiently even in freezing outdoor temperatures
  • Intuitive control panel provides a seamless user experience via touchscreen digital display
  • AHRI certification means independent lab testing confirms product performance and value


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