Mineraluxe 3 Month Kit (Bromine)



  • So, you're tired of complicated potions, soaking in chemical soup feeling like you need a degree in chemistry just to own a hot tub. We've got something better! And, it's going to make you fall in love with your hot tub again!
  • Three Months of Worry Free Hot Tub Care
  • Contains: 450g of Bromine Tablets: Maintain your bromine levels and keep a happy, healthy spa that is free from bather wastes and other organic materials
  • 13 Mineraluxe Cubes: replaces many of the traditional balancers that adjust pH, alkalinity and calcium hardness, whilst keeping your spa extraordinarily clean and free of both staining and scaling
  • 16 Packages of Mineraluxe Oxygen: help to gas away wastes collected by bromine and keep your spa crystal clear

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