Hot Tub/Spa Filters

Title: Softub filters Snap on small collar (offset)


We carry in stock a wide variety of Pleatco and Unicel Filters. For all different types of Hot Tubs. Including: 

  • Hydropool Serenity
  • Hydropool Self Clean
  • Beachcomber
  • Softub
  • Spa-O
  • Sunrise
  • Roto Spa
  • Much, Much More!

If you are in need of a filter just bring your old one in and we will match it up!

We stock all 3 sizes of hard to find Softub filters.

  • It is so important to Clean your hot tubs filters on a regular basis. A dirty and clogged or worn-out filter will failits job of trapping contaminants, and put strain on your spa’s pump. Clean your filters with every water change and replace them annually. You should clean your filter every 2 weeks. More often with heavy bather loads.Ensure that you always have the freshest, clearest and cleanest water possible at all times by taking care of your filter and replacing it when necessary.

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